Dan put on his headphones with two minutes left in seventh period. Chicago by Sufjan played. Dan liked the horns on this song. Before practice he liked to listen to music that imparted a placidness with gentle tempo. He believed he could be soothed and energized down to the cellular level by the right music.

Tuesday was designed as a Speed Development workout, even with the meet on Wednesday. It was the middle of the season, and the season was waiting for none. Bill explained prior to the workout that peaking time for State was only a few weeks off, and the Jeffco Relays was definitely a meet to train through. The Speed Development that they would do today was a great compliment to racing, as the legs are asked to turn over faster than any race longer than a hundred meters.

Practice began with the competition Warm-Up, then 3 x 150m In-n-Outs, then 3 x 30m Max Patch with a three minute walk between each, followed by 3 x120m at 90-95% effort.

Dan’s achilles was not worse than the day before, and so he continued to keep the discomfort he felt to himself. “The achilles will make public debut tomorrow,” a voice said to Dan from the recesses of his mind.